Lemme get a lemon pepper order plz 🍗

Btw have you ever lost your airpods? 🎧

Lost the case to my AirPods this past weekend. If you can relate, shout out to you.

Drake knows exactly what he’s doing with those samples, everytime. Him and Ross floated on that record, we’re pretty sure everyone can attest to it. The fact that they have enough for an EP is dope; now an actual EP dropping would be crazy. You thought we weren’t going to make a bet out of that? Jokes on you 🗳 ☔️ 💰.

Moving along! Now we all truly wanted Anderson .Paak and Knwlxdge to drop No Wxrries 2 but we’ll have to settle for Silk Sonic with him & Bruno Mars lol. According to our guy @Hiphopbythenumbers:

“Anderson .Paak & Bruno Mars (& Silk Sonic) are projected to go No. 4 in the Hot 100 next week with ‘Leave the Door Open’. Anderson .Paak’s previous highest Hot 100 entry is #89. Will this new project be in the top 5 of the Hot 100 entry?

Bet’s are up on the site now. We also have bets including: Tierra Whack, Bobby, and some underground artists that we’ll highlight in next week’s news letter.

Grammy Bet’s 🏆

63rd annual. This weekend. You know what time it is - place those bets and spice ya life up. As the house, we’re going to donate a portion of the proceeds to the Jazz Foundation of America. They’ve been instrumental in helping artists in need of assistance during COVID. What a time to be alive.

Head over to the site now and put your bid in

Peace & Love 🗳☔️

Gangsta Gibbs -300 !! 📈

Grammy Bets + Prop Bets for the Super Bowl 🏈

There is a chance that Doja Cat or Drake could appear with the Weeknd during the Super Bowl half time show. Doja for +450 and Drake for +500. Who yall got ???

Will the Weeknd perform any records from House of Balloons?

Yes for +500 , No for -300

*cues loft music*

Damn this sound like the old Uzi 🧨🔥📈

That boy really got a stone in his head. This snippet playing in the background is fire tho. What’s the name of this song gonna be? Prop bets for that up on the site as well 🗳

Apparently the Grammy’s got pushed back to March this year. We start taking bets, next wek.

Who y’all got for Best Rap Album this year? The nominees are:

Freddie Gibbs -300

Jay Electronica +350

Nas -400

D Smoke -200

Royce da 5’9” +400

The rest of the categories will be up on the site, next week. 🏆

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We'‘ve been seeing a lot of user growth week over week. We want to first and foremost thank you. We growing together! Clouty on the rise year over year 📈


New year, new music, new bet$ 📊

And Closing out the old ones welcome to #2021 🎉

Year Two of Clouty!

To all the new subscribers, Happy New Year. We made it out of the tunnel that was 2020 and although life much hasn’t been much different, the energy is and that’s what makes all the difference. Cheers to the odds and the possibilities.

☝🏾: Games #30-#33 regarding ‘Savage Mode 2’ are finally being closed out. The pots on each of those games were pretty huge! Winners will be notified via email with earnings from those games.

✌🏾: You may notice that the landing page has changed a bit. A sign of things to come, ya know! Hope you enjoy + share with your peoples!

👌🏾: The Featured Bets of the Week are up now! Keywords: Beat Box 🥁 + Certified Loverboy 💔.

👉🏾 We are also throwing up a prop bet for the Keyshia Cole vs. Ashanti Verzuz. This is the third time it’s been rescheduled, will it actually happen? 🗳☔️

We not even betting on this one!!

Too $hort vs. E40 💨🚘🚗💨

“I don’t wanna approach this like I’m trying to beat E-40,” Too Short says over Zoom, while receiving a haircut. “I’m approaching it like it’s me and E-40 versus the entire planet.”

This one feels extra special because obviously, Bay Area. Rumor has it that Apple spent an extra $500k on promoting this event. Either way it’s lit. 2021 will be special for Clouty. New site, new features, and now people are excited about seeing competition in music.



Keyshia Cole vs. Ashanti tho?! 🥊

Nah we really got some questions + New Music Friday's

First of all, how long till the actual battle starts this time around?

Will we be waiting 20+ Minutes like last time? This time we turned it into a game.

I cant even lie, this flyer is cold 🥶 🥶 . Not for nothing, each newsletter is a treat just for the graphics alone!

The interesting thing about this battle is we all pretty much know both of these Queen’s big hits. Let’s cut straight to the chase: Will Ashanti play “Foolish” before Keyshia plays “I Changed My Mind”? If you were in charge of the setlist who would you have to go first and what song would you have them play? These are all questions that need answers.

Hit the site to place your bets for this weekend’s Verzuz before Noon on the 12th.

New Music Friday’s

Kid Cudi’s 3rd installment in the Man on the Moon series lands Friday, 12/11. We’ve run some numbers regarding the “Hum-God” over his last project(s) and have game #45 on the site.

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